Professional Services

Our professional services portfolio consists of a rounded-up set of IT related top-down services beginning from the business- and application level down to the infrastructure layer.

It is our strong aim to provide a seamles support to customer around his daily business that keeps him away from the complexity of technologies and infrastructures - and last but not least to help corporates to focus on their core competence.


Business Process Analysis

To get the infrastructure and applications compliant to the business processes, we carefully analyze the relevant workflows and single behaviors of your staff according to their responsibilities and business goals.

Solution Development

Applications, Infrastructure and Services must comply with the demands of changing business processes and needs to be continously adapted. onSpirix acts in these cases as "Solutioneer" - on one hand with a deep understanding of customers business goals, processes and workflows - and on the other hand with a wide range of experience and know-how in developing the right solution that fulfills customers business need.

Technology Consulting

In advance of a application migration or technology replacement, onSpirix as independent Advisor accompany all involved instances of the client through the entire procurement process.

Proof of Concept

Before the final purchasing decisions are made, we perform a carefully planned Proof of Concept (POC) to evaluate whether the major criteria are fulfilled.