Cloud vs. Co-Sourcing

By moving to a co-sourced cloud with all applications and data in one location it gives the user an experience that is familiar with the benefits and scalability of the cloud. So now that we've defined what the cloud is, why will it benefit your construction company?


Dispersed Workforce

The frustrations around communication of data from a dispersed workforce is a common frustration, one of the benefits of cloud computing is the ability to connect to your system from any location. Co-sourced cloud computing allows all of a construction companies applications and data to be available anywhere — job trailers, remote offices, pickup trucks, etc. Imagine the possibilities! For Example: Now changes to drawings are instantly updated the minute the engineer at headquarters saves the changes.

Ability to scale your IT

Co-sourced private cloud computing allows construction companies to scale, both up and down quickly as new jobs start or old one finish. Setting up a new regional office or job site with cloud can be as simple as pointing a computer at a website.

Greater Expertise

As the delivery of applications to end users is the primary purpose of the cloud provider, they are able to employ IT and technology personnel with expertise that a construction company would seldom be able to hire. This gives your company access to expertise that you otherwise would not necessarily have in your staff.