Co-Sourcing Services

pic pub uhrwerk 1 As an alternative to the traditional outsourcing onSpirix pursuing a co-sourcing (co-operative outsourcing) strategy. We take on all tasks and processes that do not belong to the core competencies of the customer. The customer himself will stay involved in all decision processes through his business workflows. Co-sourcing is suitable for all companies which have not yet - but want to gradually move towards the cloud.

A Cooperative Partnership

Co-sourcing is a business practice where a service is performed by staff from inside an organization and also by an external service provider. It can be a service performed in concert with a client's existing internal audit department. The scope of work may focus on one or more aspects of the internal audit function. onSpirix Co-sourcing services model earns advantage over Total Outsourcing in a way that it minimises sourcing risks, brings in transparency, clarity and better control over the processes outsourced. Examples of co-sourcing services are supplementing the in-house internal audit staff with specialised skill such as information risk management or integrity services, providing routine assistance to in-house auditing for operations and control evaluations in peak period activity and conduct special projects such as fraud investigation or plant investment appraisals. Another example of co-sourcing is outsourcing part of software development or software maintenance activities to an external organization, while keeping part of the development in-house.


onSpirix Co-sourced Private Cloud computing providers can offer a wealth of knowledge about what applications are available, how to integrate these applications into your environment, as well as information on the long term viability of an application for your business processes.

If you were an electric contractor looking at a new estimating software package, onSpirix as a Co-sourced Private Cloud computing provider is focused on construction tells you what software other similar companies use, how these software interacts with other applications, the number of Help Desk tickets the Cloud Provider received due to that particular software, etc.

Cloud computing, and specifically co-sourced cloud computing, gives you the true mobility that a construction company needs, the freedom to focus on your business instead of the IT troubleshooting, and a cost savings through increased productivity and less capital investment.